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The Ukrainian island Zmiiny is surrounded by the sea... 13 fearless border guards are on duty... February 24th, suitable for occupation ships loaded with weapons - cruiser "Moscow" and a patrol boat.

The invaders twice announced an offer to lay down their arms and surrender to the garrison. When one of the Ukrainian defenders answered: "Russian warship, go f*ck yourself"!

Seagulls picked up this phrase on their wings and carried it across the sea, passed it to the shore, and became a phrase with wings echoed from all corners of the planet, it was written on roadblocks, equipment, posters, T-shirts and implemented it on the Ukrainian stamp. Thanks to the will of the people, the very next day, after printing the brand cruiser, which threatened people who wanted to live peacefully, ingloriously went to the bottom. That's how it works the choice of freedom, the desire for peace, the desire for victory, and this brand has become a symbol of these values.

"Ukrainian philately during the war reflects the events experienced by our state and our people. The phrase that inspired us to create a postage stamp has already become a symbol of the indomitability of the Armed Forces, volunteers, territorial defense, and all Ukrainians in the fight for their land and the independence of Ukraine. I am sure that Ukrainians and our friends from abroad will be pleased to receive such letters with this postage stamp. And today, by this postal method, we again remind the occupiers that they immediately left our land and followed their ship," said the CEO of Ukrposhta Ihor Smilyanskyi.

The whole world supports Ukraine's struggle against the occupiers, that's why this expression is placed on the stamp as a sign of the will and struggle of Ukrainians against the invaders.

Postage Stamp

Postage Stamp

Real Life

Ukraine's new postage stamp is a tribute to the Snake Island soldiers who refused to surrender to Russian forces. It features an illustration of a lone Ukrainian soldier flipping off a warship.

The stamp was the winning design in an online competition organised by the Ukrainian Postal Service, Ukrposhta. The winner of the competition, which received over 500 entries, was chosen through a public vote on social media. Ukrainian First Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova announced Lviv-based artist Boris Groh as the winner on Twitter. "The sketch by artist Boris Groh received the most votes and will soon be published by Ukraine's state postal company," the minister announced.

Boris Groh told Ukrposhta that he created his stamp design to "lift the mood and fighting spirit of Ukrainians, as well as to attract the attention of foreigners to Ukraine." A few days after the events on Snake Island, The Times reported that the Russian warship that bombed the island had been destroyed in a missile fire.

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