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Introducing Unravel Pro-Ln

When it comes to generating blog posts for social networks, articles, or news, you may be wondering what distinguishes Unravel Pro-Ln from other applications.

Let's take a closer look at the text content creation process to find out what advantage Unravel Pro-Ln offers.

Today, to reduce costs and increase creativity, content is often produced using tools based on artificial intelligence, such as GPT-3, OpenAI, ChatGPT, Jasper, and many others. Unravel Pro-Ln is no different in this respect. In short, a team of experts gathers a large dataset that is then used to train artificial intelligence and models. This allows us to craft content on almost any subject, and follow hand-picked blog post style and structure.

Unfortunately, this approach has a major weakness: the people behind it (specialists) are the only ones deciding which content is suitable for training the model and later for the community, and usually, it’s a limited set of people.

That is why Unravel team created a platform that not only delivers captivating content generations chosen by experts and influencers but also gives the online community full control over the content and its shape. This approach helps the Unravel Pro-Ln community to continuously improve the domain knowledge, quality, style, and, in addition, creates a decentralised, plagiarism-free content creation environment.

The cherry on top? You'll receive valuable feedback and ratings from Unravel Pro-Ln's community of content-writing experts for your work before unveiling it to the world. This empowers you to fine-tune your content, ensuring it's primed and ready to captivate your audience.

Decentralised Community-Driven AI
Community-Driven AI
Empowered and verified community fully controls the post-generation and its shape
Gamified Credit System
Gamified Credit
Contribute to Unravel Pro-Ln community: earn free credits for creating and reviewing content
Personalised Industry-Leading Blog Post Generation
Personalised Industry-Leading
Blog Post Generation
Engaging, plagiarism-free social media content tailored to your needs and industry
Instant Community Feedback on Your Content
Instant Community Feedback on Your Content
Expert feedback from community to enhance your content for audience engagement

How Does Unravel Pro-Ln Work?

How It Works

See for yourself how our platform works and how easy it is to create engaging posts, review, interact, and contribute to the Unravel Pro-Ln community

Platform Usage Step-by-Step Guide

Explore our platform architecture and guide to grasp a comprehensive overview of our platform's features and functionalities

Unravel Pro-Ln Planform Architecture and Model


Join the waiting list and share your blog post-creation expertise.
Generate personalized, AI-powered blog posts with your unique preferences. Choose to keep your content private or gain insightful feedback from experienced content-writing professionals.
Review and influence the social media content created by other community members.
Add your own blog posts which you find engaging to earn valuable rewards and help the community generate even better content.
Use your credits to generate more community-approved blog posts or purchase additional credits as needed.
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Differential Factors


Generate Blog Post

Unravel Pro-Ln: Generate Blog Post

By defining the topic, post type, tone, personal experience, and content length, you create customized, 95% plagiarism-free, blog posts tailored to your needs.

Pro-Ln's platform extracts community knowledge and incorporates user feedback to generate blog posts of the highest quality.

After generating an industry-leading and engaging blog post, you have the option to determine if the generated post is appropriate for the community. The feedback will consist of choices to like or dislike the post, as well as the opportunity to respond to a randomly generated question.

Furthermore, you can choose to make your generated blog post visible or hidden for other users to review, giving you the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from industry-leading experts on your crafted content.

Review Blog Posts

Unravel Pro-Ln: Review Blog Posts

By reviewing existing blog posts and providing feedback, you play a crucial role in refining Pro-Ln's AI content generation model and assisting content writers in ensuring the content is primed and ready to captivate their audience.

This collaborative approach results in an increasingly sophisticated system, capable of producing improved content as the community grows and evolves.

The Review Blog Posts feature not only helps shape the way why, what, and how content is generated but also rewards you with free credits for your further blog post generation.

In addition, our unique validation system verifies user credibility by presenting occasional pre-determined invalid content. Failing to dislike such content results in a progress reset, ensuring the reliability of feedback received.

Add Blog Post

Unravel Pro-Ln: Add Blog Post

It's possible that you've grasped the fact that posts are generated from existing knowledge in the system and checked against a set of posts either added or created by the system. The downside of this method is that new posts validated by the community may have also been system-generated. Therefore, the community requires a means to input fresh content into the system, enabling them to determine what is correct or incorrect. This is where the Add Blog Post feature proves useful.

Users can contribute to the AI model and its training data by submitting their own content. For each piece of content that is reviewed and approved by the Unravel Pro-Ln community, the user receives free credits.

Training AI and Post Rating Algorithm

The ELO rating algorithm, originally designed for ranking chess players, has been adapted as a powerful tool for sorting and ranking content based on user feedback. This unique, comparative ranking system takes into account the relative skill or quality of the generated blog posts by assigning each post an ELO rating. As users provide feedback, the algorithm adjusts the ratings accordingly, with higher-rated posts considered superior in quality.

By employing the ELO rating algorithm to the data gathered in Review Blog Posts, the platform can effectively distinguish between high-quality content and lesser pieces, ensuring that only the best-reviewed blog posts are curated for the AI training model.

This dynamic and reliable ranking system enables continuous improvement in the generation of compelling and authoritative content that can outperform other blog posts.

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Rating and Filtering Algo icon
Rating and Filtering Algorithm
Chart arrow Chart arrow
AI Engine icon
AI Engine


Elevate your experience and strengthen our online community with our credit system. Designed to encourage user engagement, credits reward you for participating and enhancing the platform.

Earning credits is easy. Review 10 blog posts for 25 credits, or add your own blog post for 25 credits. Each credit lets you generate a captivating blog post, enriching your experience and promoting community growth.

Ways to Contribute


The easiest and yet most effective way to generate community-approved blog posts is to contribute to the Unravel Pro-Ln community. We reward you with free credits when you add your content and when you provide a review for other members' content.

On the other hand, Unravel team understands that you have a lot on your plate. Therefore, in order to still contribute to the community and incrementally increase the quality of generated content, you have the opportunity to purchase as many credits as you want at a price of $0.11/credit.

Unravel Pro-Ln At Heart

Pro-Ln Community

Our dynamic, collaborative community of professionals drives the success of Unravel Pro-Ln. Learn more about our valued community members who bring their expertise and passion to the platform.

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Daniel L. | Digital Marketing
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Arkadiy | Entrepreneur
Bohdan. Founder
Bohdan | Founder
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Yulia | Marketing Manager
Adam. CMO
Daniel | Freelance Writer
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Kris | Marketing Consultant
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Anastasia | Social Media Specialist
Stas. Founder
Jess | E-commerce Business Owner
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Yaroslav | Startup Founder
Stas. Founder
Stas | Founder
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Iryna | Freelance Writer
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Alex | SM Influencer

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To ensure Unravel Pro-Ln is a safe and enjoyable community, we want to make sure you have the best intentions when using our tool. Thus, we are slowly expanding our community with professionals who care about quality and add value with their expertise.

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